Pedestrian access to be opened up at the east end of Hope Grant Road

Super excited to announce that on 12th December we’ll be opening up the east end of Hope Grants Road to allow pedestrian access to Heather Hill and Mandora House. Heather Hill is a beautiful part of the Wellesley Woodlands and really worth exploring! Mandora House is home to a number of fantastic local business’ including the amazing Chappies Cafe. We have met with Jackie, the owner of Chappies, who is really looking forward to welcoming Wellesley residents to her Cafe. Chappies offers some amazing home cooked foods, a selection of hot and cold drinks and a hearty welcome, but that is not all… Jackie also plans to have a selection of cupboard essentials for residents to stock up on and she has also applied for a personal licence meaning she hopes to be able to serve alcohol in the near future. Chappies current opening hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 2pm but they will be extending these hours until 8pm from January onwards.