Wellesley Residents Committee

About the Wellesley Residents Committee

When you purchase a property at Wellesley, you become a member of the Estate Management Company (Wellesley Residents Trust Limited) and pay an annual charge to help manage Wellesley Woodlands – and in time many of the common areas across the Estate.

WRT is a body made up of Grainger plc, local councils, other organisations, and also representatives of the Residents Committee. WRC is therefore an important means of communicating views to the Estate Management Company.

WRC’s aims are:

  • To promote the interests of all its members on matters concerning the environment and the community at Wellesley
  • To assist residents to have a greater say over the services they receive
  • To contribute to the setting of standards for service delivery and monitor performance against those standards
  • To promote and develop the relationship between the Residents Committee, Wellesley Residents Trust Board, Rushmoor Borough Council, and any other appropriate agency, with the aim of promoting greater harmony.

You can get in touch with us at: wellesleyresidentscommittee@gmail.com

The current committee members are as follows:

Simon Wood – Chair and Resident Director on the Wellesley Residents Trust Board

Lyn Downes – Secretary

Jules Crossley

Tim Crawshaw

Eugene Kessler

Haydar Koher

Calum Stewart

Corrine Willemse