Wellesley Residents’ Committee

About the Wellesley Residents’ Committee

All Wellesley residents – regardless of whether they rent or own their property – may become members of the Wellesley Residents’ Committee. Set up in 2021, the Committee is a made up of a group of local people interested in supporting and leading the community to create a thriving place to be.

Although representatives of the Committee sit on the Wellesley Residents Trust, it is separate and independent of it – see further details here.

The Committee’s aims are:

  • to promote the interests of all its members on matters concerning the environment and the community at Wellesley
  • to assist residents to have a greater say over the services they receive
  • to contribute to the setting of standards for service delivery and monitor performance against those standards
  • to promote and develop the relationship between the Residents’ Committee, Wellesley Residents Trust Board, Rushmoor Borough Council, and any other appropriate agency, with the aim of promoting greater harmony.

You can fine the Committee’s full Terms of Reference here

Membership is free, and members of the Committee meet every month or so to discuss issues of importance to the local community.

If you would like to find out more about joining the Committee, or have an issue or concern you would like to raise, please get in touch: contact@wellesleyresidents.co.uk


WRC’s next AGM is scheduled to take place on Thursday 26th September 2024 at Smith Dorrien House, Wellesley – more information to follow.

Committee 2023/24

Dr Simon Wood – Chair and WRT Resident Director

Joesph Byrne – Treasurer

Calum Stewart – Secretary

Analeise Baker

Tim Crawshaw

Jules Crossley

Eugene Kessler

Haydar Koher

Lil Rai

Corrine Willemse