Wellesley Residents Trust

To ensure that Wellesley flourishes, each homeowner will become a member of the Wellesley Residents Trust: A management company responsible for ensuring Wellesley stays a beautiful place to live.

When planning and establishing Wellesley, the local authority, Rushmoor Borough Council, decided that the best way to care for public spaces and the woodlands was to establish an Estate Management Company, Wellesley Residents Trust.

Every household at Wellesley (leaseholder or freeholder) is required to enter into a Deed of Covenant to become a member of WRT. WRT will charge each homeowner an annual Estate Charge based on the square footage of the property. The service charge contributes towards to ongoing management of the Wellesley Woodlands and maintenance of any public spaces at Wellesley once handed over to the Trust.

For more information please download the brochure here