Asim Kayani

Asim is Project Manager here at Wellesley and joined the team in November 2018. He has over 18 years experience in the technical and project management delivery of residential and mixed use development schemes.

What are your key responsibilities within this role?

To support and manage the delivery of the Wellesley development. Responsible for the successful planning, execution and closure of on-going projects associated with the development.

What part of the new neighbourhood are you most excited about?

It is very exciting to be part of a team that is enhancing the image of Aldershot through the Wellesley development. The sense of community and belonging is reflected in the masterplan through the attention to detail of both the design of the public realm and the architecture giving Wellesley a real sense of place, whilst also respecting the unique context and history of the area.

What is your favourite thing about Aldershot?

Aldershot is etched in modern British history and it is well worth a visit to explore some of the historic buildings, such as the Cambridge Military Hospital and it’s setting as a landmark and a principal defining feature of the area. These restoration of these buildings provides a unique and poignant reminder to those who served in the army as well as those connected to the area. Wellesley Woodlands also introduces a fantastic network of easily accessible trails which are well worth a visit.

What would be your one recommendation for anyone visiting Wellesley and the surrounding area?

The military architecture and the Wellesley Woodland open space trails are well worth a visit.

What do you think makes Aldershot special?

Aldershot offers a lot to both its residents and visitors, and the future for the town is extremely positive and exciting. As a location it is within easy commuting distance into London and the surrounding areas.

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