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Wellness Events transform Wellesley Woodlands in Aldershot throughout August

The Woodland Rangers invite you into their beautiful forest in Aldershot to de-stress and improve your wellbeing by taking part in ‘Be Well in Wellesley’ during August. With sessions of outdoor yoga, outdoor meditation, outdoor singing and free wellness walks on offer – there’s something for everyone.
Scientific research from Japan suggests that there are long-term benefits of visiting a woodland including reduced stress, improved immunity, lower blood pressure and accelerated recovery from illness and trauma. Add in a programme of wellness events and the power of the nature becomes even more potent.

‘Be Well in Wellesley’ launches on Thursday 1 August with a session of outdoor yoga led by Nicole Asghar of Bumblebee Yoga. Nicole practises therapeutic yoga and meditation - specialising in mental health support - and her sessions are suitable for all abilities, including complete beginners.

Barbara Touati-Evans will be getting Sunday 4 August off to a gentle start with a 60-minute session of mindful meditation in the wild flower meadow at Thorn Hill. Vocal consultant and professional singer, Rebecca Askew who is associate artist at Glyndebourne Education and the leader of the Whispering Woods a capella choir, will be running two outdoor singing sessions on Sunday 4 and Sunday 18 August. These 90-minute sessions will involve a walk in the woods, with lots of stops to share popular songs and simply enjoy singing in a group.

Wellesley Woodlands Community Ranger Nicci Shepherd said:

“I’m delighted to be able to organise a month of ‘wellness’ events to Wellesley Woodlands. The woodlands are an incredible resource for our local community, just walking amongst the trees is very soothing, but practicing yoga, meditation and singing are all likely to improve your mood and help lower stress levels even further.”

The wellness events continue throughout August, with an additional session of yoga on Thursday 8 August plus free wellness walks and a #walkinglunch break on Friday 16 August. Tickets for all events can be purchased online at https://www.hants.gov.uk/shop/home.php

For more information on ‘Be Well in Wellesley’ or any events in the woodlands please email blackwater.valley@hants.gov.uk or call 01252 331 353.