WellesleyWellesley Hampshire

On Monday 12th September our contractors, Walker Construction, will begin starting night-time resurfacing works as part of their project to upgrade two existing pedestrian crossings along Wellington Avenue in Aldershot town centre.

These works are being carried out as part of the wider Wellesley development to improve access between Aldershot town centre and the new housing development and will see the current Pelican crossings at the junction with Court Road and outside the High Street Car Park improved and turned into Toucan crossings, allowing a shared surface for both pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross at the same time.

To minimise traffic disruption, Walker will be carrying out resurfacing element of the works as night works. This will require the road to be closed each weeknight (Monday to Friday) between the hours of 19.00 and 07.00.

The night works will start on Monday 12 September, with the road closing at 19.00 hours each evening and will reopening each morning. There will be no weekend closures; once the road is open on Saturday morning it will remain open until Monday evening.

The resurfacing works are expected to take three weeks to complete – during these works a diversion route along High Street will be in place bringing vehicles back to Wellington Avenue beyond the resurfacing area.

If you would like any further information about these works, please contact Walker Construction’s office on 01303 246316.

In case of emergency during the works, please contact Walker Construction on 07710 077737.