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At the end of last week Hampshire County Council and the Department for Education informed us that Engage ,Enrich, Excel, Academies had been appointed as the new sponsor for the first primary school here at Wellesley. 

This follows a decision by the previous sponsor, the University of Chichester, to withdraw from being involved.

In a statement from Engage, Enrich, Excel Academies, they said:

Appointment of Engage, Enrich, Excel Academies Trust as the sponsor of the new Wellesley development school

In response to the Department for Education’s decision to appoint Engage, Enrich, Excel Academies Trust as the academy sponsor of the new school, Chief Executive, David Harris said:

“We are delighted to have been selected as the sponsor for the academy new school. Engage Enrich Excel Academies Trust aims to provide high quality learning experiences for all the children within its trust. The Trust will be working to ensure that this school is a place where every child is inspired to dream and achieve. The Trust is committed to building a school that meets the needs of its community.

“We are excited that we have been appointed to run the school. We are looking forward to working with partners and the local community to deliver a great school that will foster the hopes and dreams of all the children.”

The school is being built and delivered by Hampshire County Council and is due to open in September 2018.

The provision of a good school in a development such as Wellesley is key to the new community that we are working hard to create here and we look forward to working with the new sponsor and the County Council to ensure that a good quality school is delivered here at Wellesley.