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Towpath Upgrade

Basingstoke Canal – Ash Lock to Eelmoor Bridge

To improve the towpath along the Basingstoke Canal, Grainger have instructed Millgrove Construction Ltd to undertake towpath widening and surface upgrades between Ash Lock and Eelmoor Bridge.

The upgrade work is due to begin week commencing Monday 1st February 2016, will take approx. 12 weeks to complete. The upgrade will be undertaken in four stages.

Stage 1 - Ash Lock to Mons Pedestrian Bridge: Starting w/c 1st Feb 2016

Stage 2 - Mons Pedestrian Bridge to Farnborough Road

Stage 3 - Farnborough Road bridge to western extreme of DDA compliant Wellesley Woodland path

Stage 4 - Western extreme of DDA compliant Wellesley Woodland path to Eelmoor Bridge

The upgrade work will be carried out on a rolling basis, from east to west. For the large majority of the towpath, alternative routes are available and clearly signed diversions will be in place. For the small lengths where this will not be possible, Millgrove will work with users to ensure that they can move safely through the works.

The work will take place between the hours of 07.30-17.00 Monday to Friday. Access outside of these times will be as normal, including evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Notices will be in place throughout the upgrade and progress updates will be available on Wellesley, Millgrove and Basingstoke Canal Authority social media feeds.

All upgrade work is being run in close association with the Basingstoke Canal Authority.