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There are plenty of ways to get involved at Wellesley and beyond....

There are plenty of ways to get involved both at Wellesley and also wider Aldershot...

Wellesley Woodland Improvement Group
Every Wednesday at 10am the Wellesley Woodland Improvement Group comes together to carry out conservation tasks within the beautiful Wellesley Woodlands. Including practical tasks such as fencing, improving footpaths and wildlife spotting there is something for everyone and everyone is welcome. If you are interested in taking part or would like any further information, please contact Woodland Ranger Andy Poole on 01252 331353.

Aldershot Community Together
Do you love Aldershot? Are you keen to make the town the best it can be? Then come and be part of local group, Aldershot Community Together. A chance to share your ideas, get involved and work with the council on local projects. Here at Wellesley we are members of the group, but we would love to see some of our residents get involved too. Meetings are held every 3 months at the Princes Hall, to find out more email aldershotcommunitytogether@gmail.com

Aldershot Heritage Trail
To celebrate Aldershot’s wealth of history, we are currently working in partnership with the Garrison, Rushmoor Borough Council and Friends of Aldershot Military Museum to create a heritage trail across Aldershot. Featuring both civilian and military landmarks, the five proposed routes across the area are currently out for public consultation - for more information and details about the consultation, please visit www.rushmoor.gov.uk/heritagetrail