WellesleyWellesley Hampshire

From Monday 23 May we will be carrying out site clearance works to make way for a new slip road onto the A331 from Government Road, Aldershot.

These works will include clearing the trees and scrub along sections of the wooded banks adjacent to the lower part of Government Road and a section running along the A331.

These clearance works are expected to take around 10 days and during this time areas of the woodland where the works are being carried out will be prohibited to the public.

Ecologists have been working on the site for the past three years to relocate protected wildlife to alternative habitats in preparation for these works. They will continue to have an on-site presence for the duration of the contract to ensure that the site is clear and that breeding birds are not disturbed.

All of the trees that are felled as part of this work will be chipped and either reused within the Wellesley housing development or used in other sustainable ways.

Construction work to the slip road is due to begin at the end of the year.