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History of Maida's road names

The people behind the names

Aldershot is full of rich military history; you only need to look at the existing road names within the town to see the links to the area’s heritage. We are continuing these important links within Wellesley by introducing road names into our first phase, Maida, that have significant historical links to the former Maida Barracks.

Maida sits between Hospital Hill and Hope Grant’s Road; named after General Sir James Hope Grant GCB, a former British general who took control of the Aldershot Division in 1870. Within the area you will be able to see ‘Stuart Lane’, named after Major General John Stuart, the commander at the Battle of Maida in 1806 and the victory that the former Barracks are named after.

We will be introducing ‘Kempt Lane’ after Colonel James Kempt who commanded the Light Brigade at the Battle of Maida, ‘Oswald Street’ after Colonel John Oswald who commanded the Third Brigade at the Battle of Maida and ‘Acland Street’ after Colonel Wroth Acland, Commander of the Second Brigade at Maida.

You will also be able to find ‘Jerome Street’ from the former Jerome Square and military married quarters; the name is originally associated with Royal Engineers surveyor Thomas Stroud Jerome. Relatives of the Jerome family still live in the local area today. There will also be ‘Hatt Street’ after Aldershot resident, Regimental Sergeant Major Frederick William Hatt who was awarded the Military Cross and Bar.

All of Wellesley’s new street signs will include the Wellesley ‘w’ and the Aldershot leaves.