WellesleyWellesley Hampshire

Green Spaces Green Spaces

We are creating a neighbourhood where you can walk from one side to the other safely, where a picnic in the park is a stone’s throw from your home and where you can wind down to relax or gear up to be active.

Parade Park

Running through the centre of Wellesley will be Parade Park – a green seam of large open space bringing families together for picnics, games, events and more. In the interim we have created a temporary play area off of Queens Avenue.

Wellesley Woodlands

Our beuatiful Wellesley Woodlands is open to everyone and is made up of 110 hectares of interlinked woodlands, wildlife habitats, canal-side walks and lakes.

Divided into four main areas each offering a network of easy and accessible trails, you can explore and immerse yourself with nature on your doorstep.

From the towering Beech trees of Rushmoor Bottom to the beautiful Chalk Farm Lake, you can walk, cycle or run through the beauitful scenery.   

The Land Trust, a national land management charity, manage the woodlands together with the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership.

To find out more, visit wellesleywoodlands.co.uk