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Wellesley Residents Trust Wellesley Residents Trust

All of the residents at Wellesley will be eligible to become members of the Residents Trust. The Residents Trust will oversee the neighbourhood to completion and beyond, and will be responsible for ensuring Wellesley stays a beautiful place to live.

Wellesley is an exciting new development of new homes in Hampshire. With green living at its heart, Wellesley is home to large open parkways, natural green spaces, community facilities and the beautiful Wellesley Woodlands.

To ensure that Wellesley flourishes, each resident will become a member of the Wellesley Residents Trust (WRT): A management company which will uphold and promote Wellesley’s vision for the area as well as ensure green spaces and estate areas are maintained to a high standard. All members of the WRT will be encouraged to engage with community led stewardship as the development progresses.

Every household at Wellesley (leaseholder or freeholder) is required to enter into a Deed of Covenant to become a member of WRT. As part of this an Estate Charge will be payable each year based on the square footage of the property.

For more information about the Wellesley Residents Trust, please email info@wellesleyhampshire.co.uk