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Wellesley provides a unique opportunity to create a place people are proud to call home. People are at the heart of the Wellesley - it will not just be a collection of houses; it will be a new neighbourhood in Hampshire.  By celebrating the areas military heritage, a host of beautiful places will be created; the Parade Park for those long summer days with friends, the Wellesley Woodlands for your autumnal walks and Sunday morning runs, and our friendly Neighbourhood Hub for dance classes on a Thursday night - we are creating a place with community at its core.  Wellesley is a wonderful place to put down roots and become part of a thriving and growing area. Whether you are a resident, a member of the surrounding community or just visiting, we are determined to make Wellesley a warm and welcoming place to be. Jenni is Grainger’s dedicated Community Development Manager — based in the Smith Dorrien building, she’s here to help bring everyone together and respond to the evolving needs of the neighbourhood.