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Construction company Careys Plc have been making improvements to the Talavera Junior School wildlife habitat. Careys are currently working on the Wellesley development, Aldershot, building the Gunhill phase of private rental housing.

Careys have been hard at work tidying the overgrown garden area, re-digging a pond, painting furniture and making the area safe.

Amanda Webb, Head of Talavera Junior School said “We are so grateful for all the work and support to develop our garden area. It now is a wonderful space the children can readily use.”

These improvements were undertaken as part of the great work done by the Careys Foundation. The Foundation strives to have a positive impact on the communities they are working in and around, and take pride in their approach to helping people.

“It was a pleasure to be involved with this piece of work. I know our guys enjoyed doing the works and we hope that both teachers and pupils get many hours of enjoyment from their revamped garden area.” Brian O’Brien, Construction Director, Careys

For more information please visit:

Careys Foundation

Talavera Junior School