WellesleyWellesley Hampshire

Jenni joined the Wellesley team in July 2018 as Community Development Manager (maternity cover).

What are your key responsibilities within this role?

My role is to enable the Wellesley community to get the most out of living here, and that they are able to access everything on offer. I work with the residents to help them enjoy their local area, and ensure that they have everything they need.

What part of the new neighbourhood are you most excited about?

The restoration of the listed buildings so that further generations can enjoy them. The final development will be stunning, as the architecture is inspired by the original victorian military buildings.

What is your favourite thing about Aldershot?

The people here are just brilliant. There are so many who really care about their community, and are honest, open and kind.

What would be your one recommendation for anyone visiting Wellesley and the surrounding area?

The woodlands are fantastic, and we have beautiful canal-side walks with loads of wildlife.

What do you think makes Aldershot special?

It's got all the facilities you need including a cinema, swimming pools and a ski slope, and has great transport links to london and the surrounding towns.

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