WellesleyWellesley Hampshire

Jake is our Development Apprentice. He joined the team in April 2018.

What are your key responsibilities within this role?

My key responsibilities are to help Alan and Jenni on a day to day basis to help the development run smoothly.

What part of the new neighbourhood are you most excited about?

What I’m most excited for is the Neighbourhood Centre, as it is going to be the centre of attraction for all the locals and is beneficial for everyone.

What is your favourite thing about Aldershot?

There is no social rivalry and that everyone is very friendly and easy to talk to.

What would be your one recommendation for anyone visiting Wellesley and the surrounding area?

I would definitely recommend visiting Guildford and their Friary Centre shopping mall which has a large array of shops for everyone.

What do you think makes Aldershot special?

Aldershot is very proud of it's heritage. The locals hold it very close to their heart.

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