WellesleyWellesley Hampshire

Hollie joined us in May 2018 as the Wellesley team Office Manager.

What are your key responsibilities within this role?

My Job role is to maintain the office and provided admin support to the Wellesley Team.

What part of the new neighbourhood are you most excited about?

I’m very excited to be part of developing a new neighbourhood, I believe it’s something that not many people could say they have achieved. I’m looking forward to watching the developments grow.

What is your favourite thing about Aldershot?

Aldershot has great choice of restaurants all in one place, the only problem is picking one. Also, after a nice meal the cinema is in walking distance from the restaurants. 

What would be your one recommendation for anyone visiting Wellesley and the surrounding area?

To explore the Wellesley Woodlands trails. I love walking with my dog and we enjoy walking with nature. The views from the Chalk Farm Lake and Basingstoke Canals are beautiful.

What do you think makes Aldershot special?

Aldershot is a great location to live, with great transport links to commute to London and the surrounding areas.

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